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SHEARED  design Warli studio

SH 25/230
SH 25/232
SH 25/233
SH 25/235
SH 25/231

Like the 'Arena' model, it comes from a fine shearing of the surface, which donates a vintage yet natural effect. Available in pure viscose or pure tencel, it shows an undefined, irregular texture. Perfect in its seemingly simple spirit, yet of a strong visual impact.

SH 25/234
SH 25/236
SH 25/237
SH 25/238
SH 25/239

Technical information

Thickness :
Weight / sqm:

100% viscose or 100% tencel
handwoven on loom | tip sheared
hand hemming
cotton canvas for rugs |  action backing for wall-to-wall carpet
8 mm
2,9 kg
light contract | residential
any up to 5 x 25 m.
The direction of the lines depends on the chosen size of the rug


100% viscose data sheet

100% tencel data sheet

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