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ELEMENTAL  design Paolo Zani, 2018

Elemental is an essential carpet, basic but strongly felt that responds to man’s primaries desires of matter and color.

Powerful and primitive, Elemental is in tune and composed of one of the classic elements: air, earth, fire and water.

Elemental is made with weaving 'handloom' in wool and viscose blend with colored edges in two different colors.

With 'dip dye' colored fringes.


CMYK_Handloom_Elemental_EL 01_samp.png
EL | 01
mustard and turquoise fringes
CMYK_Handloom_Elemental_EL 02_samp.png
EL | 02
light gray
orange and purple fringes
CMYK_Handloom_Elemental_EL 03_samp.jpg
EL | 03
medium gray
blue and light green fringes
CMYK_Handloom_Elemental_EL 04_samp.png
EL | 04
warm gray
pearl gray and burgundy fringes
CMYK_Handloom_Elemental_EL 05_samp.jpg
EL | 05
dark gray
blue and plum fringes 

Technical information


Handloom, wool and viscose.
170 x 240 / 200 x 300
Available in custom sizes.
8 mm approx.
2,8 Kg/sqm approx.


Data sheet

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